Our Team

Current Members

Ankita Garg, Ph.D.: Principal Investigator. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Master’s degree in Microbiology. I earned Ph.D. degree in Medical Microbiology from Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, India. When not working, I enjoy hiking, and doing pilates.

Email: agarg@uga.edu

Kathrivel Maruthai, Ph.D.: Postdoc Research Associate. During my Ph.D. I have a Doctorate in Biomedical Genomics from Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research, Puducherry, India. My research interest is to study epigenetic regulation of Mycobacterial host-pathogen interactions and currently working on immunosuppressive role of myeloid derived suppressor cells in HIV-Mtb co-infection. When I am off from academics, I prefer trekking, exploring nature, enjoy spending time with my family, and reading novels.

Email: kathirvel.m@uga.edu

Katarzyna (Kate) Rzepka, Bachelors: Research Tech III. I received my bachelors degree from Poland. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family of two children, husband, hamster, dogs, cat and turtle

Email: kate.rzepka@uga.edu

Mohanapriya Kumaran, BVSc., MVSc.: Graduate Research Assistant. I received my Veterinary Medicine degree in Pharmacology from India. Research areas of my interest are infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases. Currently, I am working to establish small rodent model for tuberculosis to develop host-directed therapy for tuberculosis. When not in lab, I like to read, explore outdoors, cook, and recently added to this is archery.

Email: Mohanapriya.Kumaran@uga.edu

Lucy Ubaka, M.Sc.: Graduate Research Assistant. I completed my Masters in Microbology from University of Benin in Nigeria. I am interested to study immune dysfunction in children born to HIV positive moms.

Email: Lucy.Ubaka@uga.edu

Past members

Hailey Gollnick: GVSP scholar. I have a bachelors degree in biological science from Georgia Institute of Technology. I am a third year vet student who hopes to specialize in small animal surgery. Outside of school my hobbies include running, coaching, and hiking.

Email: hailey.gollnick25@uga.edu

Priyanka Namdev, Ph.D. Currently she is at CDC, Atlanta.

Brandi Sparling. Currently she is at Western University of Health Sciences, CA

Shiv Patel, Undergraduate Researcher

Clyde Schmidt, Undergraduate Researcher

Jasmine Canlas, Undergraduate research volunteer

Shachi Sevak, Undergraduate Researcher

Aruba Chowdhary, Undergraduate Researcher

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