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04/11/2023. Tablow successfully defended her Masters’ thesis titled “Determining the anti-HIV activity of LNFPIII conjugate on human macrophages in vitro“. She did a great job! Congratulations Tablow and good luck for future endeavors! It was nice having you as a team member.

03/27/2023. A Emory/Georgia TRAC Opportunity Grant awarded to us to study the metabolic landscape of M. tuberculosis infected primary human macrophages. .  

03/10/2023. A new research of our laboratory is published. This work describes that cytokine IL-27 inhibits anti-M tuberculosis innate immune activity of primary human macrophages. Our findings add new information that manipulating cytokine activity be considered to augment mycobactericidal activity.  

03/02/2023. Congratulations! to Mohanapriya for winning the 2023 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. The Center for Teaching and Learning administers the Outstanding Teaching Assistant (OTA) award, sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Instruction. This award recognizes teaching assistants who demonstrate superior instructional skills while serving in the classroom or laboratory. Good job Mohanapriya!

06/24/2022. A new research of our laboratory is published. This works describes that monocytic MDSC in CoV2 infected individuals exhibits changes in global gene expression profiles and suppress T cell responses long after recovery from infection . Our findings add new information that these cell type should be considered as target to augment responses to CoV2 vaccine.   

05/25/2022. A Potts Memorial Foundation grant is awarded to us to study how MDSC regulate immune response to M tuberculosis infection.

02/24/2022. A HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center developmental grant awarded to us to study premature aging in People Living with HIV.

08/04/2021. Dr. Swetarka Das joins the lab as Postdoctoral Associate. During graduate studies, Dr. Das established small rodent models to study pathogenesis of Mycobacterium species. Welcome to UGA and to the lab!

08/02/2021. Dr.Kathirvel Maruthai joins the lab as Postdoctoral Associate. Prior to joining the lab, Dr. Maruthai studied epigenetic regulation of tuberculosis, and developed drug screening assays to measure anti-Mtb activity. Welcome to UGA and to the lab!

07/30/2021. Hailey presents her work at the GVSP 2021: Research Day, and concludes her summer learning. Wish you good luck for future endeavors Hailey!

05/17/2021. Hailey Gollnick joins the lab as GVSP scholar. She will spend the summer learning lab work and contributing to the ongoing studies on IL-27 in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. Welcome to the lab Hailey!    

04/23/2021. NIH awarded S10 grant to purchase flow cytometer cell sorter for the Biosafety Level-3 facility. Although this is a collaborative proposal supported by UGA, Ankita is the PI. The acquisition of this equipment will enhance the research capabilities to perform assays on samples treated with highly pathogenic organisms.

04/06/2021. A new research of our laboratory accepted for publication. This works describes that monocytic MDSC of HIV (+) with virologic suppression exhibit suppressed innate immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Our findings add new and novel information to understand why clinically recovered HIV-infected individuals remain at a 30-fold higher risk for tuberculosis.   

01/28/2021. Our study on Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells (MDSC) in People Living with HIV conducted in collaboration with clinical partners in India got accepted for publication. The study compared MDSC in HIV (+) with virologic suppression and recovered CD4+ T cells as a result of successful combined anti-retroviral therapy from the United States (HIV subtype-B predominant) and India (HIV subtype-C predominant). Our study found monocytic MDSC persist in both the study cohort independent of HIV subtype.  

01/27/2021. Poster presented at the Keystone eSymposia, Integrating Metabolism and Immunity, highlighting our laboratory findings that  myeloid derived suppressor cells from HIV (+) individuals undergo metabolic changes in response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

12/03/2020. Poster presented at the Keystone eSymposia, Tuberculosis: Science Aimed at Ending the Epidemic, highlighting our laboratory findings that IL-27 and Mst1/2 kinase regulate activity of primary macrophages in response to infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

10/07/2020. An Indo-US grant awarded to us and our collaborators in India to study Lymphopenia in COVID-19 and its implication in pathogenesis and disease management.

03/30/2020. A review article along with collaborators across the globe accepted for publication in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. The article highlights current challenges and untapped opportunities for translating new advances in myeloid derived suppressor cell research into clinical applications for tuberculosis and AIDS.  


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