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Diversity and Inclusion

When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become a wiser, more inclusive, and better organization. ~Pat Wadors

We strive to cultivate an inclusive, diverse, safe and supportive environment for students and researchers of all racial, socioeconomic, gender, cultural and religious identities.

Mentoring Philosophy

I want my team to be successful, happy and independent in their research assignment. As a mentor, I believe every researcher / student has within oneself ability to perform to the top of ones potential. I am committed to help my trainees achieve their scientific and career goals. If you are passionate about host-pathogen interaction studies, and biomedical research consider to join at various research positions.

Join Us!

Postdoctoral Researchers

We have two postdoctoral positions in the lab. I am happy to work with highly motivated researchers to help them obtain external fellowships. Interested candidates should contact Garg with a statement of research interest and curriculum vitae.

Graduate Students

Graduate students in Garg lab can join the PhD programs through Integrated Life Science (ILS) program of the University of Georgia, Comparative Biomedical Study program of College of Veterinary Medicine, and Department of Infectious Diseases graduate program. Students interested in joining the lab should contact Garg with a statement of research and curriculum vitae with previous research experience.

Undergraduate Researchers

The laboratory welcome undergraduate researchers to enroll in ongoing research activities. Students are encouraged to apply early in their college years to have sufficient time for research. Highly motivated students should contact Garg, with description of interest, future career goal and curriculum vitae.

Research Staff

Individuals are welcome to apply for laboratory research. The position will depend on prior academic and / or research experience.

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